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Avalon Olympic Wood Fireplace Insert
Avalon Olympic Wood Fireplace InsertFirebox Size:
3.1 cubic feet

Max Log Size:
24 inches

Heating capacity
up to 1,500 to 2,500 sq ft

Max burn time up to 12 hours
Avalon Rainier Freestanding
Avalon Rainier FreestandingFirebox Size:
1.8 cubic feet

Max Log Size:
20 inches

Heating capacity
up to 800 to 1,800 sq ft

Max burn time up to 9 hours
Avalon Rainier Wood Fireplace Insert
Avalon Rainier Wood Fireplace InsertFirebox Size:
1.8 cubic feet

Max Log Size:
20 inches

Heating capacity
up to 800 to 1,800 sq ft

Max burn time up to 9 hours
Hearthstone Bennington
Hearthstone BenningtonThe largest of our cast iron

Generates an impressive
70,000 BTUs when fully loaded,

Able to heat areas of up to
2,200 square feet.

An exclusive double-wall cast
iron frame and rear heat shield
Hearthstone Heritage
Hearthstone HeritageBurns up to 8 hours, providing
up to 12 hours of sustained

A special side loading door
makes it even simpler to load.

Warms your home with
minimal fire tending needed,
so you’re free to take care
of other things.
Hearthstone Homestead
Hearthstone Homestead4" legs or a freestanding stove
with 6" legs

Unique design and soapstone
panels lend a gentle, radiant
quality to the heat.

Classic styling and slim profile
fit beautifully into any space or
home decor.
Hearthstone Mansfield
Hearthstone MansfieldCan provide up to 14 hours of
sustained heat on a single load of wood.

Produces up to 80,000 BTUs
Hearthstone Phoenix
Hearthstone PhoenixA hybrid design woodstove
brings together the
quickheating qualities of
cast iron with the radiance
of natural soapstone.

Separate ash removal drawer

Self-cleaning window
Hearthstone Shelburne
Hearthstone ShelburneClassic good looks in
embossed cast iron

Large heating capacity and
midsize dimensions

Perfect for a midsize home

Oversized, self-cleaning
window allows for easy loading
and great fire viewing.
Jotul 3 CB
Jotul 3 CBFront loading
up to 18" log length

Heavy cast iron construction 265lb

Will fit with almost any decor!

Non-catalytic technology
w/stainless steel baffle
Jotul F 500
Jotul F 500Air-washed decorative glass
doors provide a clear view of

Front and Left-side load door -
the industry's largest

Easy access bottom ashpan
One easy air control lever
operates the entire stove
Jotul F 600
Jotul F 600Front and side loading

Screen for open door fire
viewing, mobile home
approved leg bracket kit,
outside air adapter, bottom
and rear heatshield

Choice of three enamel colors
Jotul F 602
Jotul F 602Furniture quality cast iron
construction for long lasting
beauty and durability!

Non-catalytic technology is
easier to operate and maintain!

One control lever makes it a
pleasure to use!
Jotul F100
Jotul F100Built-in double wall rear and
bottom heatshields, which
provide excellent clearances

Durable cast iron firebox
Alcove approved for U.S.
and Canada

Simplex non-catalytic clean
burn system puts more heat
into the room
Jotul F400
Jotul F400Medium-sized single door,
non-catalytic woodstove

Unique nautical theme which
highlights the tradition of
seacoast living

Air-washed decorative glass
doors provide a clear view of
Lopi Answer
Lopi AnswerFirebox Size:
1.6 cubic feet

Max Log Size:
18 inches

Heating capacity
up to 750 to 1,400 sq ft

Max burn time
up to 8 hours
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